Dan Romero

Angel investing and product input

As of October 2022

I’m spending nearly all of my time working on Farcaster. As a result, I have extremely limited time for angel investing and product input. That said, there are a few exceptions:

  1. Angel investing — if I worked with you at Coinbase, or someone I’ve worked with has worked with you, then I’m open to chatting. Additionally, I’m also open to talking to people who are active and building in the Farcaster ecosystem. Please send an email with a commentable Google Doc with the answers to the following: what is the company’s purpose, what problem you are solving, what is your solution to the problem, why build the company now, how do you plan to make money, who is on the team, how much you’re planning to raise, and if you already have a lead investor.

  2. Product input - I’ve shared a bunch of product ideas on Twitter and my blog over the years. Since I’ve been spending nearly all of my product thinking on Farcaster, I’m quite out-of-date in thinking how to approach non-Farcaster idea mazes. For the limited product thinking I’m doing outside of Farcaster, I’m spending that with existing portfolio companies and projects / companies building on Farcaster. Further, for Farcaster ideas, will prioritize ideas that have a working prototype or Figma mockup.

With all of that said, I’m always happy to publicly engage on Farcaster about most topics. Just @ mention me. I realize the above may come across as self-important, but I’d rather communicate clearly than potentially insult people with a one-off gruff “I’m too busy” DM.