Dan Romero

Farcaster ideas

Lightly edited, please excuse typos. No guarantee these ideas are any good and/or viable businesses. Ask me clarifying questions on Farcaster.

  1. Friends iMessage UI — make a client that looks like the iMessage home screen UI; if someone you’re following casts, bump them to the top of the list; eventually allow pinning people
  2. Groups — allow someone to start a public group by mentioning the other members in the initial cast.
  3. Photo only — Glass but for Farcaster
  4. Video only auto play — TikTok for Farcaster
  5. Podcast — surface all podcast links shared on Farcaster / but also map Farcasters <> podcasts they produce a la alias.co; ability to listen in feed; like a podcast episode or a timestamp and auto-cast that your primary Farcaster protocol feed
  6. Links  — surface all URLs shared on Farcaster / but also map Farcaster blogs / Substack / Mirror / Paragraphs / etc.
  7. Q & A — show all top-level question casts with a bunch of replies
  8. Bookmark organization and search — perl (rip) had a dedicated user base; figure out what people liked about it and expand from there
  9. Simple ticket system for Farcaster meet ups and events — come up with a QR code / JSON format that allows an event organizer and an attendee to do a double opt-in sign
  10. Token-gated client — only show casts / reactions from users with a given on-chain thing (NFT, characteristic); important: casts will still be public on the protocol, but when using this client you get to pretend everyone else doesn’t exist
  11. NBAcaster — do an open edition for people interested in NBA on Farcaster, build a token-gated client for it; incorporate NBA gifs, memes, scores, etc.
  12. F1caster — same idea as above but for F1
  13. Parentcaster - do an open edition for people with kids Farcaster, build a token-gated client for it
  14. Musicaster - do an open edition for people who like sharing / discovering music on Farcaster, build a token-gated client for it; in-feed listening to spotify, soundcloud, youtube, music nfts
  15. All In Caster — a client that acts as a sort of virtual book club for the All In podcast. Borrrow from the podcast client idea, esp. with timestamps and NBA caster
  16. Back up all cast data paid service — dev tool for power users or other clients, but automatically back up all your Farcaster protocol data for archival purposes
  17. FarHouse — Clubhouse + daily.co audio SDK + Farcaster
  18. Hub to Pipedream / Zapier — Pipedream already integrated to the Warpcast API, but create an open source library / paid service that pipes specific events from a Hub to no code / low code tools
  19. Turntable / DJ / radio station — musicaster, but for virtual live music shows (kind of like a mellow version of Unlonely)
  20. Stories — post a cast, automatically delete it 24 hours later
  21. NFT masonry view — show all Farcaster protocol NFT mint / buy events in a masonry-
  22. Context style feed / blockchain explorer — Context.app but for Farcaster users (i.e. a super-powered NFt feed)
  23. Disqus style comments — what Paragraph does for it’s newsletters using casts as comments but for any blog
  24. Check in app — old school Foursquare but on Farcaster (venue level granularity vs. city-level)
  25. Recommendations app — subset of the Q/A app, but have a leaderboard with points for people who have the most / helpful recommendations
  26. P2P payment app — open up to a Cash App-like send screen to generate a potential transaction to send to any Farcaster user — pushes the transaction into your default mobile Ethereum wallet
  27. Goodreads — allow people to mark read / review books with a single cast
  28. Hosted Hub — Offer hosted hubs for developers that don’t want to deal with infra
  29. Meta client across all platforms — x-post / x-read with any social media platform with an open API
  30. Oculus quest client — be early for when the Apple headset arrives and you’ve figured out cool stuff you can do with a feed in 3D space
  31. iPad client — make a multi-column client for iPads
  32. Windows app — make a desktop client for Windows
  33. Tweetdeck multi column client — allow for users to customize what each column shows / filtering criteria for each column
  34. People Directory — best place to search for and find people on Farcaster
  35. Mint a cast
  36. Support other blockchains like Bitcoin, Solana, Tezos
  37. Show Twitter and Farcaster in the same feed (might need to get creative given API constraints; maybe scraping profiles)
  38. Open source react native — start the open source react native mobile Farcaster client (a lot of the projects on this list would benefit)
  39. Open source swift — start the open source native iOS Farcaster client
  40. Open source flutter — another popular x-platform library
  41. Create react app equivalent create Farcaster client — become the “hello world” go to for people starting out building a new farcaster client (could be web or could be react native )
  42. Farcaster graph visualizer — social network analysis visualizations but Farcaster (using farcaster-py)
  43. Etherscan but for Farcaster — keep super functional / minimal — anything on a Hub should have an atomic URL
  44. Chrome extension that lets you like or comment any webpage and see other casters who have interacted with it — if you click the extension, you can type a comment, pushes out to Farcaster feeds with a link, but if you visit a page that’s already been commented on
  45. Chrome extension that replaces Twitter sidebar with Farcaster like twemex
  46. Display Farcaster link and profile for any user on Twitter — like Hive One extension does
  47. Dev call OpenAI whisper auto transcriptions
  48. Hub explorer - how many hubs are running etc
  49. Open source Hub to Postgres adapter
  50. ActivityPub bridge — run casterdon.social - every Farcaster user automatically has an account on the Mastodon server and their casts are cross posted; would pair nicely with a meta social network client

First published on March 6, 2023