Dan Romero

December 2019 links

Only 11% of Overcast users stream their podcasts vs. downloading

Steven Buss is running for Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) in San Francisco. First SF political candidate I’ve come across who is an active programmer.

There should be more micro-grants of $1K for independent researchers to do lit reviews.

Substack feels like it’s beginning to break out. I’m personally subscribed to 10+ Substack-powered newsletters (paying for 2 of them). Zach Kanter recently quit Twitter for Substack. The CEO of Fast.co is sending a public update on his company progress (in lieu of a blog?).

Over $300,000 USD worth of ETH bet on the UK election prediction market on Augur.

High-speed rail may be losing money in China. Thread on why the US has struggled to deploy high speed rail. Related: cost of building subway per kilometer around the world.

Zeihan on solar and wind energy math. Also: China uses a lot of coal but 6 Chinese cities account for 18% of global electric vehicle sales.

First published on December 16, 2019