Dan Romero

2019 favorite RSS subscriptions

I spent a majority of 2019 avoiding Twitter. As a result, most of my Internet consumption originated from blogs, group messaging and email newsletters.

I still have a soft spot for RSS. Centralized, feed-based, algorithmic social media can often feel like fast food; RSS is the home-cooked alternative where you can dial up/down the sugar, salt and fat as you see fit.

Here are my favorite blogs new to me for 2019.

Byrne Hobart

Byrne was my top discovery this year. The variety, quantity, and quality of his writing is impressive. His post on secrets was my favorite. Also great were posts on Martian property rights, a free-market industrial policy, Saudi Arabia, education unbundling, charter cities, and money.

Andrew Batson

A blog about China and his other personal interests. My favorite post was about logistics and empire.

José Luis Ricón’s Nintil

Independent general research blog. My favorite (in addition to his link collection posts) was his answer to Patrick Collison’s question about Bloom’s “Two Sigma” phenomenon.

Alexey Guzey

Another independent general research blog. My favorite post was about how life sciences work.

Jason Crawford’s The Roots of Progress

A blog about human progress. His break-out post on bicycles was my favorite. (Jason recently went full-time on this project!)

The Scholar’s Stage

A blog about Asia, history and behavioral science. Thought-provoking post about China that led to a couple of nuanced conversations with friends.

First published on December 29, 2019